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"What is a toddler's worth of weight?"

Fitted for Fancy

  • Published: Aug 9, 2019
  • Category: Updates

UpDate! The boys needed to have their bodies measured, so we stopped by Adornable. Eric, Steven, and Shawn showed up on time or early. Robert, in his usual fashion, arrived late. Everyone was measured and ashamed of what we have become, except Robert. Robert has lost a toddler's worth of weight and is looking good. After getting our digits, we decided to grab some food at the UnderCliff. I purchased the suits online and needed professional help making sure everyone will look good. Liliya was funny and took good care of us.

Worth your weight in gold and who's the fairest of us all?

So if one is worth their weight in gold, are you worth less if you lose weight? I'll tell you what, everyone of the boys is worth more than last year with the exception of Robert. That guy has lost a fortune worth of weight. My question is, does Madison appreciate my increased assets?

The results are in on everyone's size and we have some suprising results. Shawn has the reach of giraffe's neck and is about as tall as a baby giraffe. Steven will never have trouble keeping his head up. His neck can be a support pillar for small bridge, talk about thick. Eric has a builtin seat. I am sure he is a transformer who is a Cadillac in car mode, no hiding that trunk. As for me, I'm typing this and as such will leave myself out, sorry everyone.

We grabbed brunch at the UnderCliff. Robert couldn't come as he needed to go to work and not be tempted by the food and beer but we picked up Tony, trading one Italian man for another. I should have got the reuben like Eric as it was awesome last time. The Undercliff is cool and the staff are nice. It is built into the side of a cliff, as the name suggests. With a couple of beers deep and our bellies full, it was time to go bike riding in the rain and rain it did.