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Invitations Sent

  • Published: Aug 10, 2019
  • Category: Updates

Madison worked very hard on getting these put together. We worked on the colors and what cards to order. Madison and I thought the green and brown displayed our love of nature and wanted the invitations to reflect that naturesque feeling. Keep a lookout for them as they should be arriving soon.

Put Togther with Love.

Madison did heavy lifting. She learned how to do the wax seals. She wouldn't let me write on the envelopes, something about chicken scratch for hand writing. The wax seal was chosen for a classic feel and look. Overall, the look and feel of the invitations are exactly what we were going for.

Dropping the invites of at the post office presented its own set of problems. I would stand in a line, 20 people deep, waiting for the one postal worker to go back and forth from the back to the front looking for people's packages. I was instructed that the invites may not make it because of the wax seal. The processing machine must hate class. People were reporting that they have received the invites, so no worries.

Sign those invites and get them back to us before the 26th. Remember no children. We want our friends and family to have a good time and not have to worry about the little ones. Get ready to enjoy music, friends, family, and me (John)..... I mean us, Madison and John.